How Much We Use Brain?

Basic pinhead! Such statements are usually uttered by someone who is upset face stupidity of others. In fact, as quoted by the journal Intelligence, on the basis of the results of research conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University, noted that the intelligence of a person not related to brain size has. Whether it's big or small brain size, has nothing to do with intelligence. But the brain size of this will affect the other functions. As examples of people who live in the Antarctic region in general have large brains. It is necessary to support the function of vision. As we know, in Antarctica, which is part of the north end gets very little sun exposure because the sun is rarely seen. Therefore, the weather there tends to dim. This is why they need more visibility to be able to look around than people who live in khaulistiwa.
Different things happen to people who live in the Micronesia region. Most of them had a relative brain size smaller. Women have smaller brains than men, about 11-12 percent. However, this does not mean men are smarter than women.
"Only the brains of different buildings. Areas of the brain associated with intelligence in men with different areas of the brain associated with intelligence in women. There are at least two different brain architectures that lead to the same level of intelligence between men and women," said Prof.. Richard Haier, a consultant neuroscience at the University of California, Irvine.

Need Lots of Energy

Another misperception that had circulated in the community for decades is the opinion which states that most new human brain uses about 10 percent, while most of the brain has not been used or otherwise unemployed. Some experts are then denied the presumption. One of them is Barry Gordon, a neurologist from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, in Baltimore, USA.

In addition to Barry, John Henley, brain specialists from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, United States stated that the evidence shows that our brain uses 100 percent, all day. When we sleep, frontal cortex areas that control high-level thinking and self-awareness, or somato sensory area which helps us to feel the surroundings remain active. In addition, he also stated that sometimes the brain that we use is no more than 10 percent, but all parts of our brain functioned every day. So no one allowed to remain unemployed. Every part of the brain has the function of each. For example, frontal lobe associated with the motor, memory, cognition, and language, and cerebral cortex that has the task of learning new information, make decisions, etc..
Therefore, if every time we use every part of the brain simultaneously, it will require a lot of body energy. Most of our body's energy, about 20 percent, is allocated for normal brain function. It was meant to do other things such as walking, breathing, eating, digesting food, and other vital activities, we will lack energy.

Thousand Tera

Physically viewed our brain is a soft organ, mostly composed of water (78 percent), fat (10 percent), and protein (8 percent). Beyond the physical aspects, in fact many scientists are only able to open up a bit of mystery that envelops the brain. Until now, it is not clear about the dreams, the relationship between the conscious and subconscious, the relationship between brain and mind, brain and soul, the funds are still many more, including how much brain capacity we have.
In an age-paced computerized, as now, the human brain is often compared to the "brain" is actually a computer that man's own creation. How hell, why even compared to homemade?
In the human brain there are about 100 billion nerve cells, where one another have a connection. Experts suspect, in many connections that the data (memory) is stored. It is estimated that our brain's capacity to store terabytes of data between 1-1000 terabyte.

Bloggers, in fact the most important thing is not on the size of our brains. Whether it's big or small, the most important thing is that we must love him. The trick to give him healthy food, exercise regularly, use it only for things that are positive and beneficial for others. And do not forget is to not use excessive brain. Rest when tired. The brain is also like a muscle. He also can wear out and need to relax, especially if you have to concentrate on the same task in a long time. To revive, Dr. Marc Berman suggested for a moment the streets in a city park between the trees big or look at the beautiful green gardens, rather than going into a busy shopping center.

"Enjoying the natural beauty of memory will improve performance by up to 20 percent. Instead, go to crowded places instead will add to the anxiety," said researchers from the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, Canada.

Bloggers, already described?! Never force the brain. If you are tired, it breaks. Stop all activity for a moment to rest, so that fresh anymore and certainly can blog again ...

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