Optimizing Your Android Tablet

In the midst of modern society are versatile and practical, as now, the need for the world of telecommunications is vital, especially those accustomed to the mobile life.

Now, they are no longer looking for a phone that is only able to play songs. Smartphone, Tablet to the much sought after to be able to support their daily activities. Ranging from social media features, push mail, to devices that support the Office software (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.).

Given the growing reality of now, presence-based Tablet with Android operating system is becoming a trend and booming.

If you belong to one Android users who still do not recognize your Android Tablet in depth, it's worth listening tips that we present below, so you can optimize existing features.

1. Android Market

If we use the Android-based Tablet, we will be pampered with the many free applications available on Android Market.

But we need an email from Google to be able to access it. If you do not have, you can sign up through gmail account. The manufacturing process is quite easy: you just fill in some of the requested information personal data and account name and its password.

Alternatively, a special Samsung smartphones and tablets, are available a variety of applications to optimize your tablet at the Samsung Apps. Visit for the application of your choice.

2. We subscribe to the Internet
Once connected to a Google server, your tablet will continue to use the data to update a variety of applications including push mail and social media. And of course, it will drain you faster pulse. The solution, you can subscribe to packages provided by internet service provider. Carriers usually give preference based on time (daily / weekly / monthly) and the amount of data.

3. Using Application Cleaner
Applications can be cleaner alternatives to maximize the performance of your Android. Because the application is automatically cleaner capable of removing all the cache and history at a certain time interval, also delete all the records search and browser history navigation.

Cleaning the cache will help improve the performance of your Android tablet. In addition, the battery life also becomes longer. Application examples Cleaner you can download the 1Tap Cleaner, and Cache Cleaner App. Both can be obtained for free on Android Market.

4. Securing Mobile Phone
Tablet Android certainly has a touch screen, making it risky if you do not lock your tablet. The solution, you can use the screen lock function by making a gesture (patterns) specific, or can also write down a password to protect it.

You can find this feature in the settings, submenus, location, and security. After that, select set the screen lock. You can specify your own type of security that will be used. If this protection feature is still not, you can download other similar applications from the Android Market.

5. Underclock feature
Complaints as a wasteful use of battery frequently voiced Android users. To reduce this effect, you can try the underclock feature which can be accessed directly from the menu. Its function is to lower the processor speed of your Android. If earlier you are in the Android Processor 1GHz speed, after at-will underclock to 800 Mhz. No need to worry about Android tablet drastically reduced performance, because when you're not running heavy applications, this one features a perfect solution to conserve battery use.

It's Time to Tab
As one of the Tablet Android market leader, Samsung proves its existence in the tablet computer with access to all segments of the existing tablets. Ranging from sailing 7-inch tablet, 10.1 inches, up to 8.9 inches.

Not strange indeed if the tablet PC Samsung is the best selling tablet computers in Indonesia. Android OS plus a charming form yangdigunakannya make a lot of people chasing him.

It's time to Tab! Please visit / id or via mobile phone in / id. Also get the latest info from the family of Samsung Galaxy Tab in community.

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Corsair Vengeance K90, Real Keyboard For Real Gamers

Outside the industry memory, Corsair seems more serious work on the gamer. Call it a Vengeance K90 keyboard designed specifically for MMORPG gamers.

No doubt if many players require special software to play. For example, a mouse with a special sensitivity rate, or keyboard that has some special buttons to various functions.

Well, that's what makes computer accessories vendor in droves to spend their flagship product. One Corsair, which had previously been successfully spawned a variant of the memory, power supply, and audio devices for gamers.

Sturdy and Attractive Design

The first impression of this product is its shape look stunning. Large, eccentric color, and lots of foreign keys that makes me curious to try.

In addition it also turns the keyboard feels heavy when held. It is felt when the keyboard is removed from the packaging which is also great.

As noted, it turns out almost all the top Corsair K90 coated aluminum. Apparently this is what makes this product feels heavy but seem sturdy and look cool.

But that's just on the top only. At bottom, this product sepereti keyboard in general, is made of black plastic material with 'legs' to make it higher.

Other enhancements are included in the sales package is a buffer wrist. For linking, the user need only rotate the screw is there on both sides. Quite easily and make the keyboard more comfortable to use.

This keyboard looks even more attractive when used in indoor low light, such as gamers play in a room without a beacon.

The light blue colored backlit keyboard looks adorn almost all the keys. Brightness level can be adjusted up to 3 levels through the buttons provided.

Suitable For MMORG Game Lovers

But outside the looks are attractive, Corsair Vengeance K90 plus it has a functional value, especially for gamers lovers of massively multiplayer online game role-playing game (MMORPG).

Yes, if viewed from the features offered Vengeance K90 seemed appropriate to play the kind of game. This can be seen with the addition of 18 dedicated buttons on the left.

Function of 198 keys can be changed in accordance with the wishes of users, for example, for some key combinations are often used in MMORPG games.

In total there are 54 functions that can be embedded and stored in memory that already exists on this keyboard. Yes, Vengeance K90 does have onboard memory for this requirement.

In addition to the row of buttons, Vengeance K90 also has some additional buttons that, for the backlit lights are on the right. In total there are 3 levels of brightness that can be used.

Then the 'lock' to lock all buttons, then there scroling dio side bar to adjust the volume and several other commonly used keys for music player.

Well, with an attractive design and appearance of an eccentric, no doubt again if the product is capable of memcuri attention of gamers.

Features that offer equally great, a row of buttons provided enough help when gamers are being fought in cyberspace. Unfortunately all keyboard functions can not be directly used.

In the sales package, Corsair does not include installation CD. So users must download some additional software on the sites listed in the manual Corsair K90.

In addition, although it was soft but almost all the keys on the Corsair K90 quite noisy when in use. Interested? Gamers who want to have these products should make up for it with a range of Rp 1,225,000.

+ Cool design
+ Many of the features

- Does not include software
- Some of the noisy

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