Causes your Concentration Difficult

Concentration is an easy word to pronounce, but difficult to implement. Each person must have experienced situations where it is difficult to concentrate. This condition can happen to anyone regardless of age status. Young and old alike can experience it. Actually, what caused it, here are some reasons why your mind is easy floating along the advice of experts:

1. Low hormone levels

The mind is easily dispersed signals that you may be deficient in vitamins or hormones, particularly if accompanied by unusual fatigue. Dr Orford, Expert Staff of the Mayo Clinic, Preventive Medicine Division, in Scottsdale said, "If there is a deficiency in thyroid hormones, so it slows down your metabolism, thereby reducing blood flow and function of cells in different parts of the brain."

Suggestion: Make an appointment with your doctor to simply consult. After that, make a list every time there is a change of health problems to help detect the source of problems related to concentration problems.

2. Hormones have been damaged

Kimberly Pearson, MD, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital Center, Women's Mental Health stated that it is difficult to concentrate is the most common complaint of women experiencing perimenopause.

Tip: If other signs pointing to the perimenopause (hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness), to consider short-term hormone replacement therapy.

"Most women who've done it feels like to get back his memory," he said.

3. Influence of drugs

Some medications such as anti-depressants can affect your mood (mood) and concentration when you decide to stop taking them. Antihistamines, for example, sedatives can trigger drowsiness long enough.

Suggestion: Write down all the medications you're taking and ask your doctor, whether any of the medicines that can cause concentration problems.

4. Cigarette

Besides damaging the general health, the effects of smoking can also affect your concentration power. The more and longer you smoke, gray matter in the brain more quickly lost. In fact, when trying to quit smoking, you will have trouble concentrating, said Christopher Kahler, Ph.D., of Brown University.

"This is a common complaint smokers. But, you will be getting more benefit psychologically if you stop smoking," he said.

Tip: The more happy you feel when trying to quit, the more likely you are to succeed, says Kahler. The point is how you can do to improve mood (mood).

5. Unhealthy eating

What you eat have a major impact on mental clarity, said Laura Middleton, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Poor eating habits increase the risk of disease, such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and other diseases that can impair cognitive function and lead to obesity, making it more difficult to stay active, which is important for brain health.

Advice: "If it's good for the heart and cardiovascular system, then it is also good for the brain," said Middleton, who advised to adhere to the principles of the Mediterranean diet (a diet high in fish, vegetables, and low in saturated fats and processed foods).

6. Busy

The work is sedentary all day behind a desk or behind the wheel of a car should not be considered good. The work tends to persist and do not involve physical activity can affect your mind. In order to keep the mind sharp, you have to keep moving. Exercise can increase the production of substances that slow the formation of plaques triggers Alzheimer's disease.

"Need a few weeks to be able to feel the benefits. But, after that you will experience positive changes quickly," said Middleton.

Suggestions: Perform cardiovascular activity for 30 minutes with a period of 3-5 times a week. "If you can do it for an hour, that's good," said Middleton, who also urged to include weight training. Middleton and colleagues found evidence that by being active throughout the day can help keep your mind sharp.

7. Anxiety disorder

Excessive anxiety can cause you trouble concentrating. Because, with a restless mood, a person usually becomes hyper-vigilant with the surrounding environment.

Tip: If you can not concentrate because it was too worried, stop doing the job and do something fun to remove the tension in your head, says Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, PhD, professor of psychology department at Yale. Try to go for a walk, trying new recipes, or play with friends.



DorkBot.Bx and Characteristics of the Infected PC

As has become a schedule, beginning of each year and the end of the year, the makers of malware is usually 'release newest product' form of malware variants that have new ways of infecting computers. It also occurs at the end of this year where a new malware being intensively spread this month.

This malware is detected as Trojan.Generic.KD.440xxx or W32.Dorkbot.Bx. If the previous ones spread BitCoinMiner trojans and trojan variant Kolab, this variant is the 'new incarnation' of BitCoinMiner trojan trojan that uses methods Kolab. This is a group of trojan / backdoor designed to steal information or data of computer users, especially matters related to personal financial data, which is associated with internet banking. Just like trojans BitCoinMiner, DorkBot.Bx variant also has the ability to record information / data relating to personal data such as usernames, passwords, credit cards, and others. Not only that, the computer that is infected with a trojan was used as a tool for solving participated blocks BitCoin cryptography using BitCoin account of the owner of the trojan.
That was a bit of information about DorkBot.Bx, now we need to know how the characteristics of the computer has been infected by this malware. Here are some characteristics of the infected computer DorkBot.Bx:

1. CPU 100%

DorkBot.Bx will make the CPU becomes sluggish. Shows the percentage of CPU usage 100%. This is because the activities of trojans that attempt to break the cryptographic block BitCoin and actively trying to make sending data.

2. Wasteful of bandwidth

Not only is making a slow computer where the CPU usage to 100%, another thing to note is the activity of Internet bandwidth. This is because the result of trojans DorkBot.Bx makes your bandwidth to be extravagant.

3. Hiding a folder on a USB drive or removable disk

Not different from its predecessor, BitCoinMiner trojan, trojan DorkBot.Bx was also doing the same thing is to hide the folders on the USB or removable disk and create a shortcut similar false name of the folder. It seems the trend shortcut also inspire trojan DorkBot.Bx

4. Connecting to Server BitCoin

Trojan DorkBot.Bx attempt to connect to Server BitCoin to perform cryptographic delivery BitCoin blocks malware authors use the account on BitCoin. This is advantageous because the manufacturer can quickly and easily perform cryptographic blocks BitCoin through the help of computers already infected.

5. Connect to IRC / Remote Server

Trojan DorkBot.Bx also attempt to connect to IRC / Remote Server for the delivery of computer users BitCoin information required by the malware authors.

6. Downloading files malware

In order to simplify the action, trojans DorkBot.Bx also to download some specific malware files from IRC / Remote Server in order to stay updated and are not easily recognizable by the antivirus. Files of different malware is what sometimes makes it difficult to detect the presence of antivirus trojan DorkBot.Bx.

7. Downloading files Certificate Authority (CA)

Basically, the Certificate Authority (CA) is used in online payment transactions such as banks, PayPal, and thousands of other sites that use the SSL protocol. By downloading the file CA, malware makers want to ensure that victims of infected computers already have updated so that CAs can transact safely BitCoin.

8. Transfer data have been obtained

The main objective of the trojan DorkBot.Bx is getting information from the user's computer that is infected.

9. Open various ports

DorkBot.Bx Trojan also opens various ports on the victim's computer to be able to easily connect to the IRC / Remote Server, and perform various actions with impunity.

10. Adopting Facebook Chat

This method is probably the most common users. DorkBot.Bx provide a URL link that has been converted into a short, so users will be easily fooled. If the link is opened, then the user will download a file using the file name and icon are quite 'sexy'.

Another characteristic is to modify the registry and create some files to infect computers. In order to directly active when the user connects the USB or removable drives, trojans DorkBot.Bx exploit security holes of Windows is Windows Icon handler that makes the shortcut from the trojan file will be active once to access the drive.

Blogger Buddy, that was a bit of information about emerging DorkBot.Bx Trojan in action lately. Hope this is useful for us. Stay alert and happy blogging.