"Developer" Indonesia Welcomes NASA Challenge

U.S. space agency, NASA, officially opened the International Space Apps Challenge competition in Indonesia.

With this, NASA challenged the application developer (developer) Indonesia to create an application that has to do with outer space.

The event was opened by the Deputy Ambassador to the U.S. Embassy to Indonesia, Ted Osius, in america @ Pacific Place Mall Jakarta, Saturday (04/21/2012). The hope, the application that created NASA and later may help scientists solve global problems.

Although applications from Indonesia related to outer space is relatively rare, but NASA believes Indonesia developer can create useful applications.

"I see the technology community in Jakarta is quite strong, especially when the company is rapidly emerging application developers," said Ali Llewellyn, Open Governent Analyst in an interview with NASA.

There are about 30 application developers who join the competition. Began Saturday afternoon until Sunday (21 and 22 April), they will compile the code (coding) for applications in the office DailySocial technology blog, West Jakarta.

The developers claim, will make an application for computer equipment, mobile or web-based.

They will present an application made before the jury. U.S. Embassy to Indonesia and DailySocial as the organizer, would provide an opportunity for developers to revise their applications in order to really be ready to use.

According to Erna Sri Adiningsih, The Center for Aerospace Information Studies and Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), this event will add to the network LAPAN of outer space activities conducted younger generation.

"As long as it still relies on software LAPAN from abroad for the development of space science. Who knows with this show will show up the young seedlings are interested in developing software space," please Erna.

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