Android Threatened by New Malware

Security researchers have discovered a new malware that threatens the Android operating system. This malware allows hackers to install software without having to seek approval from the user.

According to the Principal Engineer and Mobile Security Specialists Lookout Tim Wyatt, new malware is called Legacy Native or known Lena. He also explained the current Lena attacked only a few users.

"Lena was originally entered disguised as legitimate applications and trying to trick the user to activate the payload. The trick is to take advantage of the Super User feature in the Android operating system that has been rooted, "he explained.

Proclaimed Computing, Friday (04/06/2012) malware threats can only be avoided by very advanced users. However, his new variety known as "gingerbreak", allowing root access on devices that adopt Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb, so it does not depend on the mobility of users.

The good news is, malware that has not appeared in Google's Android Market or Play. So, this is different from previous malware infection like DroidDream. On the other hand, this malware can attack the device when users download applications outside the Android Market or google Play.

Wyatt gives some tips on prevention, so that Android users stay safe:

A. Always be alert to things that are not reasonable, such as telephone bills, SMS, network activation or activity applications that run when the device is locked.

2. Always check the permissions to request an application

3. Just download the application via a trusted source such as Google's Android Market or Play

4. Download security software for your device, to detect any application that is downloaded in order to stay safe.

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