5 World's Most Expensive Gadgets

Many gadgets are made luxury version with exorbitant prices. Hardly makes sense that only the wealthy who could afford to have it.

Most of these fancy gadgets are designed by the designers. He was covered with jewels or rare items that make it so exclusive and exceptional high-priced.

Here are 5 gadgets that get the most expensive category in the world, as quoted from Industry Leaders Magazine:

Chopard hours - USD 25 Million

Hard to believe, at the name of the 201-carat Chopard on sale-$ 25 million or in the range of Rp 229 billion. No doubt, this is the hour at the most expensive in the world.

What makes the exorbitant price of diamond jewelry is so much embedded as a decoration at this hour. On it there are three rather large diamond-shaped heart. And around the body is still a lot of smaller diamonds.

iPad 2-Gold History - USD 8.1 Million

Designed by British designer, Stuart Hughes, iPad 2 is clearly not the same as regular appearances with iPad 2 sold in the market. The price alone reached $ 8.1 million or in the range of USD 74 billion.

The back of the iPad 2 is coated with 24 carat gold weighing 2 pounds. Then the front frame made of Ammolite, 75 million year old rocks. To make it more exclusive, a bone Tyranosaurus Rex 65 million years old are also embedded in the stone. Coupled with a 8.5 carat diamond attach in the home.

Diamond Rose iPhone4 - USD 8 Million
4 that the iPhone is sold at a price of USD 8 million or around Rp 71 billion. Again the designer is Stuart Hughes who is specialized in designing gadget looks very luxurious.

Phone 4 is sprinkled with more than 500 grains of diamond. Then there are two rather large diamond in the home, both are worth USD 6.4 million. While the Apple logo on the back of the phone is decorated with a 53 point diamond.

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose-USD 2.3 Million
PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition is a high definition television at a price out of the ordinary. With a tag of USD 2.3 million or in the range of USD 21 billion, only the very wealthy who can afford or intend to have it.

Television is also designed Stuart Hughes is the outer frame is made with 28 kilograms of gold. There is also coated with diamond. While the frame is made with alligator leather.

Laptop Luvaglio $ 1 Million
This Luvaglio laptop portable computer seems to be the most expensive in the world today. It costs about $ 1 million or if dirupiahkan equivalent to Rp 9 billion.

Laptop made this British company has a 17 inch wide screen. Specification is actually normal, not quite stand out compared to middle-class laptop sold today. Which makes it expensive is the laptop is made by hand and decorated with rare diamonds in the body.

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