Watch out! Whitney Houston Clickjacking Death Threat...

For the umpteenth time, world events didompleng cyber criminals to act. This time-related death of Whitney Houston who used to spread false messages on Facebook and Twitter clickjacking.

Security firm Trend Micro revealed that the perpetrator to lure potential victims with news, pictures, and videos related to Whitney's death. Yet behind it, ready diinfeksikan malicious file.

A similar incident happened when the death of Steve Jobs, Moammar Ghadafi and Amy Winehouse.

For the case of Whitney mendomppleng this, Trend Micro claims to have found evidence of infiltration clickjacking two deaths in the name of the high voiced singer.

First, Trend Micro indicating cyber criminals have spread false Whitney Houston video on Facebook. In wall posts, the video is titled "I cried watching this video. RIP Whitney Houston".

When you click the video link will be redirected to the survey page. After conducting an investigation into the domains involved, Trend Micro has found 101 scams survey on the same IP address.

Second, Trend Micro also find tweets with links that utilize hazardous hashtag # RIPWhitneyHouston, the trend worldwide. Where in the hashtag is inserted links that direct users to click on the Twitter site that supposedly free wallpaper Whitney.

"But once clicked, a window pop up asking the user to download a ringtone from Whitney Houston to leave a personal phone number," said Trend Micro, in a statement on Wednesday (02/15/2012).

Trend Micro added that this incident shows that the profile virus attacks and has now changed dramatically - from the global outbreak in a sophisticated and targeted attacks.

Recognizing that the technique is less effective past, now cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new techniques to trick users and infect.

"They continue to release new threat variants, increasing the speed of threat, and using the threat as a random attack, steal data through malware, and botnets as well as into the social media pages (Facebook and Twitter)," he concluded.

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