Death of Whitney Houston, Drugs Evidence of Cruelty

Whitney Houston's death would be sad news for his fans worldwide. Moreover, Houston is known gait fantastic voice is a renowned star of world-class unrivaled. Unfortunately, his departure is tragic because the alleged influence of drugs be a very regrettable.

Houston was found dead by her boyfriend Ray J at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, California, on Saturday (11/2) at 03:45 local time Sunday (12/2) morning Indonesian time. He reportedly died at the age of 48 years. Until this news was revealed, there is no certainty the cause of death of Whitney by police investigating the case. But allegedly, due to the tragic departure of illegal drugs consumed. During his life, Houston admitted that she was a user of cocaine, marijuana and heroin. Cigarettes and alcohol are also a 'best friend' for him.

Houston's departure was once again reminded the maysarakat around the country how bad drugs are already outlawed it can entrap users into the dark life, even death is not your terhormat.Agar not entangled in it, know the following things about drugs .

In his book entitled "Family Health Guide", Dr Mirriam Stoppard explains the facts based on inspection of illicit drugs.

1) The work of these drugs harm the user's body, but the severity of damage while the drug is working to give feelings of pleasure when used.

2) When you tried it once, then stop using drugs was not always a realistic goal.

3) Although outlawed, the use of the substance in medicine does not always mean abuse. Because these drugs are actually for some immediate interest for purposes of treatment.

4) The danger for young children who want to try it, use a single drug will lead to the use of other more dangerous drugs.

5) Unfortunately, knowing the risks of using drugs does not mean it can prevent young people try drugs.

Here are some drugs that need to be aware of. Get to know more in order for you to know the deadly consequences for your life.


Depressant drug that dulls the brain and body and relieve pain. This drug is highly addictive. There are three forms of heroin: brown heroin (which should not be injected), white, and pharmaceutical heroin, which easily lead to overdose.

Sometimes brown heroin dissolved in vinegar or lemon juice and can cause vision problems if injected. Blisters and open wounds can result from heavy use of heroin. When the withdrawal, user suffers addiction, panic attacks, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea.


Powerful stimulants that cause feelings of euphoria and comfort. This drug is highly addictive. Long-term users can become psychotic. Inhalation of these drugs can injure your nostrils.

Inject cocaine is very dangerous because it is at risk of overdose. Mixing it with heroin is also very dangerous. Most of the cocaine sold to users in the form of powder mixed with glucose, lactose, and even drugs. The content of the lowest is 30 per cent cocaine.


Marijuana causes users to feel the emotional overload. Users are becoming more widely spoken (nag) and think that they are more 'understanding' of the world. All it often feels very funny to them.

Most of the long-term heavy users suffering from panic attacks, atmoshpere changes (mood) and was accused of overkill. Mixing cannabis with amphetamines or ecstasy can cause severe dehydration and other problems a case of a heart attack. There are three forms of cannabis: herbal (dried leaves, resin and cannabis oil [hashish]).


Ecstasy releases a chemical modifier mood (mood), such as serotonin and L-Dopa, which induce a feeling of love and friends. This drug is also hallucinogenic. Ecstasy can cause the body to overheat, resulting in a deadly heat stroke.

This drug can also interfere with blood flow in the brain, causing stroke, as well as cause kidney and liver failure is fatal.


Stimulant that can make you more agile and alert. Users have become very fussy and can stay awake for hours. You can still feel the effect until 12 hours after use. Amphetamines can cause heatstroke and jantjng attack. Liver and kidneys are failing that will arise when you inject him with alcohol. Injecting drugs are very dangerous because the heart is unable to cope with the surprise.

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